PicassoPythagoreanVEGAS Badge: 8 points required for Level 9
Supersonic Badge: Game has Pizazz - The X-Factor!

Create the game according to your plan - FOUR lessons
  • Game
  • Betting board
  • Sign
  • Rules
will someone be away, how you will keep them involved and up to date?

During these lessons you will be asked to communicate how your game will work to your teachers. This will be done as a one to one interview.

This interview will be used for assessing Criterion A and Criterion C. If you have progressed through the levels and have earned your group badges, then you should be able to clearly Communicate your Knowledge and Understanding of the Mathematics behind your game and why you think your game will be successful when we run our CASINO .

After running our Casino we will Reflect on our expectations and what actually happened.